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Vittorio was beyond furious and of course everybody in Family were perfectly aware of the reason. Their boss again disappeared without any trace, yet there were no spies and no unknown people inside the mansion and servants didn't see Angelo leaving. Well it definitely wasn't same rear occasion (though when it happened for the first couple of times the whole Italy was searched through) but it have always made all the Guardians and especially boss' Right Hand man nervous because they never managed to spy Degaspera towards his shelter. Simple and a little naive Quinto become quite sly when it comes to escaping his Family so in the end there always were screams and running around the Vongola headquarters in panic searching. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Angelo was pretty oblivious of that since his place was isolated. The blond was very proud that he managed to find such a secure part of his home and he decided not to share it with anybody, not even with his childhood friend, babysitter and Storm Guardian Vittorio Alessi. Eventually the latter was not happy with it. So at the moment he was searching through the mansion once again. Without any positive result of course. Well he found some things he lost in the past in some unexpected places but that was all.
"This Angelo! When I find him he'll regret living" - Alessi growled and threw some papers out of the window in rage. He hated when Degaspera didn't do what little paperwork he had. Vittorio always wasted hours and hours sorting and checking bills, letters, reports and what else was piling on the boss' table so that their dear Quinto didn't do some stupid mistakes, and what did he receive? Nothing! Well, no, actually he knew that Vongola was really grateful for that and often rewarded his loyal guardian with some minor things like nice week-long vocation or visiting luxurious restaurant or long hot sex or all at once... however everything was forgotten in fury.
"I'll lock him in his office for the rest of the week!"
Servants that met Vi hurried to get out of his way and pitied their poor boss for having such a fearful Right Hand man. No one wanted to constantly be together with such a person and the never managed to understand how Angelo was capable to such thing. He is definitely saint not less. There was no other explanation to the fact he tamed this restless storm and tied it with himself. That made both allies and rivals respect and fear Degaspera though latter was absolutely unreasonable since Vongola was mostly harmless as a mere rabbit even when it comes to fighting. Strange but true he rarely fought as his Guardians always preferred to take care of foes themselves so boss wouldn't have to worry about it. So yeah, Angelo was completely harmless compared to the rest of the Family. It was nearly unbelievable that such a person is the head of the most powerful and fearful mafia family but well... Say "thank you" to Vittorio who made sure that it would remain like that since Angelo is mostly helpless without him so he would mess everything if left alone.
Said Angelo felt shiver ran down his spine and couldn't help but warily stare into the darkness of the library. His intuition said it was his Right hand man's fault though who else can make him feel like that. No matter how ling has he known Alessi and no matter they were lovers, Storm was scary as hell when it comes to Angelo. That means most of the time, unfortunately.
"Should I come out and look what's going on?" - muttered Quinto to himself, his grip on the book tightened as if it could help him to decide.
"Ah, I don't want him to lecture me again..." - his whining stayed unanswered as his previous question though he would be really surprised if somebody answered. After all no one is supposed to know about this place. - "But... He would be even angrier later, right?"
Degaspera sight and placed the book on the small old table near the armchair he was sitting on and stood up. Intuition again stepped in and said that it would be safer to go out and see what's wrong with Vittorio.
The moment he opened the door of the library he mat his Guardian face to face.
"Um... Is there something wrong Vi?" - Angelo asked nearly uncertainly and flinched when Alessi growled back.
"Why yes, there is! Where the hell have you been? It's the fourth time this week that you disappear! I swear I'll lock your precious library so nobody including you couldn't get in since I do suspect there is some kind of secret passage out of the mansion. Oh, yes, I will lock you in your office for the whole next week without you going anywhere especially alone and here."
"No "but"s! You have your work to do and besides do you have any idea how much everybody worried about you!? There is always some strange people stuck to you when you walk around the city all alone. What will we do if something happened to you?"
'It's always the same' - Angelo inwardly sight - 'but...'
"Does that mean you were also worried?"- he just couldn't stay silent this time.
"Of course I was, you idiot boss. I've been taking care of you since we were children. How do you think would I feel if somebody hurt you when I'm not even around?"
Vittorio grabbed Angelo's thin and seemingly weak arm and started dragging him towards the office. Vongola didn't even think of struggling. He felt really guilty that he made his guardian this worried. It was really bad that he didn't think about it once again. Well it was like that every time he wanted to be alone in a quiet place and relax with some new book from family's archives. It's always only when he meet Alessi and listen to his lecture when he remember that he makes everybody worried sick with his actions. Though it's the first time Vi said that he was worried so Degaspera was also touched. So he just tugged the sleeve of his Storm's shirt with free hand.
"Really can't you just tell me when and where you're going? It will be much safer if I'll escort you."
"Safer... Though definitely not for civils" - muttered Angelo under his breath and clung closer to the guardian.
'Yet I don't even go out of the mansion. Why do I need protection then? To escape from evil books?' - sometimes he just forget that nobody knows about the little fact of his secret staying in library and considering Vittorio's paranoia it's a miracle that he didn't think that every time Degaspera vanishes means he's kidnapped. Well that was some real luck because if it was like that, the whole Italian mafia would be destroyed in attempts to find the Boss who would be blissfully clueless in his hiding place in the same time.
Unfortunately for Quinto, Alessi had very sharp ears and heard his quiet phrase so he stopped. Angelo looked up in question only to see dreadful glare.
"I don't care what happens to civils unless you're safe. Actually I won't care even if the whole world will go to Hell. Seems like you forgot about it. Thought I don't even know why I'm surprised with it. It's your natural habit to forget such things. And now shut up before I shove a handkerchief in your mouth."
Vittorio continued walking, now faster, not bothering to look whether Vongola caught his pace. Anyway Storm had more than enough strength to carry (*caughtdragcaught*) him if he falls.
Angelo felt that his comment war really unnecessary. Looks like Alessi is more than just angry right now so consequences for saying too much may be bad. And when it's said bad it means very bad. He didn't want to make his Vi mad to the level he stops talking to him no matter what and completely ignored him. Degaspera remembered such days well and he really, really didn't want to repeat them. It felt very lonely when the closest person to you starts acting as if you don't exist in the world. The worst of it was that he never saw even the slightest sign of regret afterwards. That was depressing and when Angelo was depressed he rarely paid any attention to the surrounding world so it looked like a mutual ignoring which ends only with other Guardians interference. Mostly Lightning's of course. And now he was far from Italy. That would be a problem for the whole mansion staff if Degaspera get depressed right now since Elmo was the only one to always successfully helping to make up between Boss and Vittorio.
Right now Quinto only lowered his head, squeezing Alessi's clothes tighter and obediently fell silent. He himself knew very well what will be the consequences if he continue irritating Vi and what's more he can always sense that calm before the storm although it's more storm before the calm which was even worse in Vittorio's case.
'I wonder what should I do this time to help him forgive me? Except doing all the paperwork I'll get... Oh well... I should buy him something nice after that. As a reward for... for whatever it is! Seriously how much nerves had he already lost with me for all this years? Or maybe I should leave all the work on Marko and go on the vocation with Vittorio? Some quiet and warm place would be nice. I don't think there will be chaos if we'll leave for a week or two. Marko is pretty capable after all... Should I ask Vi's opinion on it or make it a surprise? Oh, St. Mary, why is it so hard to decide?'
Angelo couldn't held an exasperated sigh. It was never easy to please his precious friend but now it was even worse. That was awful but he knew better than ask directly even when Alessi was in good mood. It was always "how can I leave you here alone? You won't do anything" or "what will happen to Vongola without proper control" or "I don't really need anything so don't bother yourself". Somehow he never considered things like other guardians who can watch over Quinto and Vongola or Angelo's desire to do or buy something nice for his lover. So said boss learned to just state the fact of doing or getting something without "no"s or "but"s. That was the only option.
In such state they got to Angelo's office. That meant constant work for the following day or two and constant pressure of Vittorio's stare. Not a very nice near future for poor boss - boring and... and absolutely not enjoyable time with the person you love. Well that's exactly what he deserved so he didn't ask for help. Why should he bother his Right Hand more than he already did? He just wordlessly set on the leather armchair behind the table, took the pen and the first paper from the pile in the corner of tabletop. The earlier he start the earlier he finish plus Vi wouldn't have to worry about forcing him to work.
Seeing this Vittorio inwardly sight and sat on the cozy plush coach set in the middle of the room. The one that was bought specially for his boss, though the latter insisted that it was for his Storm since he always checked him work, so it would be better to spend long boring hours with comfort. Alessi just couldn't say that Quinto was wrong as it definitely was the opposite - he never liked hard chairs that were in front of the Angelo's table. The only disadvantage of that soft furniture was that it always drift him to sleep in the end... Very much like now. Vittorio really was tired with all that stress so he quickly fell asleep lowering his head on the comfortable back of the sofa. Ah, so much efforts for searching for the boss and he can't even do his job properly.
If he could he would scold himself for that. Such a shame. But well, he was the only one to think so.
Angelo, for example, really did like it when he could take a little care of his always stoic lover. He worked a lot and deserved rest after all.
Degaspera secretly glanced at Vittorio and stopped his hand with a pen in it midair. He couldn't help but to smile a little. Alessi looked so very peaceful he just couldn't stay calm. That was really cute though he would never say that out loud. He stood up and put off his cape.
"Stupid little Vittorio, you shouldn't sleep like that. I told ou many times to bring a blanket here"- Angelo quietly whispered, covered his guardian with cloth and gently petted his soft hair. He knew very well that Vittorio works really hard even when it's not needed. That was a great help but he sometimes wished Vittorio cared about his own health more. He didn't mind looking after Storm himself because the thing was that Alessi put Family before himself and Angelo didn't like it a bit.
He placed one light kiss on Alessi's forehead and returned in his armchair. It was better to go back to work before Vittorio wake up and find out that he was slacking. Letting out quiet giggle Quinto grabbed another paper and threw one last loving look on his lover. Somehow he knew that there won't be a quarrel later, moreover he will forgive Degaspera's disappearance as always so there is no need to worry. Right?


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